Short-term Backup Power

When you are looking for a short-term backup power solution for your home or office, a manual system is the solution. These gas or battery units are good value and meet all local codes. We will help you find the right size system for your home, help you decide if you want to wire it directly into your electrical panel and find the best place to store it.

Manual Backup Power Generac Generator
Backup Power Solutions, Elora, Ontario

Keep the lights on during the storm:

  • Manual backup power solutions are cost effective and can be stored in a convenient location. Battery operated systems can be run indoors; gas system will need to be run outside.

  • After manually turning them on and connecting to your home power system, gas units will run for around 10-12 hours on one tank of fuel and allow you to run your key appliances and communication devices.

  • Battery systems can be used to run an important appliance like a fridge along with a few lights for a 24 – 36 hour period.

Warranty & Investment:

Gas Manual Backup Power

Our gas manual backup power solutions feature Generac or Briggs & Stratton generators and Generlink transfer switches. Generators come with a 2 year warranty and the Generlink transfer switch comes with a 7 year warranty. The generators must be run outside and manually connected to your electrical meter before use. Solutions normally range in price from $1.7k to $3.6k and include installation support. 

Battery Manual Backup Power

Our battery powered manual back up power solutions feature Goal Zero portable power stations which come with a 1 year warranty. They can be run inside and will support one or two small or medium sized appliances dependent on the model chosen. Add solar panels to increase the duration that power is available. Solutions range in price from $2.3k to $4.8k and incude installation support.

WHat our Customers are Saying

We were very pleased with the knowledgeable, courteous and professional service and smooth installation provided by Backup Power Solutions. Necessary electrical changes were handled efficiently; a very clean job. The generator itself is high quality, fits neatly beside the house, and has been performing its self-testing routine as scheduled. We don’t hope for a power outage, but feel confident that in the event of an outage, we will continue to have service to the house.
— L JN


Worry less with a manual backup power system.

Backup Power Solutions provides year-round peace of mind and reliable power for your family at home, cabin or camping. We have a wide range of automatic, manual and portable backup power solutions for your home and small business.