Ultimate peace of mind

An automatic whole home backup power system offers immediate and on-going back up power. We will install a backup generator with an automatic transfer switch. These units run on natural gas or liquid propane which will keep your generator running indefinitely.

Automatic Backup Power Generac Generator
Backup Power Solutions, Elora, Ontario

A worry-free solution:

  • They start automatically with or without you at home: your sump pump will keep running through the storm

  • They are completely worry free, with no need to go outside in the storm

  • Very short down time

  • Your entire property can operate as normal during the power outage

  • The units and our installation meet and exceed all local building codes

Warranty & Investment:

Our permanent backup power solutions feature Generac generators, come with a 5 year warranty and usually range between $8k and $14k for a complete and customized turnkey installation.

What our Customers are Saying

A smooth process from first meeting, through solution/quote to final installation. Gary is a professional and his knowledge made the decision clear.
— Joe


Worry less with a whole home backup power system.

Backup Power Solutions provides year-round peace of mind and reliable power for your family at home, cabin or camping. We have a wide range of automatic, manual and portable backup power solutions for your home and small business.